May 14, 2011


Lexi might be our fourth child, but she has achieved a Bartle family first: climbing out of the crib.  Are you shocked to know that Zachary, Tyler, and Gavin never did this?  It's true!

Zach did naughty things like pee onto the carpet from between the crib rails and smear poop on the walls when confined, so we moved him to a twin bed when he was about 21 months in preparation for potty-training.  For all the crazy mischief he created, he never climbed out of the crib.

Tyler followed the same pattern.  Then, just before he turned two, Garry's parents bought the boys bunk beds.  That prompted the transition for him, and with no baby on the horizon, we actually put the crib away for a season.

I fully intended to keep Gavin in a crib until he was five, but at 19 months he declared himself done and demanded a big-boy bed.  We had an extra twin in his bedroom, so that was that.  Good-bye, crib.

So I'm not really sure what to do with Miss Lexi, who showed up in the kitchen after I put her in bed tonight.  She didn't want to sleep, so she climbed out, opened the door, and found me so she could register her opinion in person.  I nearly died.  I put her back in bed, where she screamed at me but wouldn't show off her fancy trick again.  Ten minutes later, when the screaming reached a fever-pitch, Garry checked on Lexi and found her hanging off the outside of the crib rails by her elbows.  She was more content to lie down after that, but my bets are on a repeat performance tomorrow night.

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