May 10, 2011


I will probably always consider myself a runner, even though my figure is tragic and it's likely that my marathon days are  forever behind me.  I'm very happy that my boys love to run, and that this season of the Land Sharks Running Club has been a great experience for them.  Zach and Tyler have practiced twice a week through April and May and we all have enjoyed their three track meets.  Running is such a good outlet for active boys!

First meet: April 25.  The boys could choose one of three race distances: 400m, 800m, and 1600m.  Zach and Tyler both ran the 800m race and did a great job!  Garry, the Littles, and I shivered on the sidelines.  It was frosty cold (in the 30's) and windy.  Zach and Tyler begrudgingly wore jackets when they weren't racing.  Gavin ran up and down the sidelines and played soccer during the entire meet (about 90 minutes).  At the end he was thrilled for a chance to run a lap around the track.  When we got in the car he said, "My hips are tired." MY hips were tired...but just from watching him!


Second meet: May 2.  This was sprint night.  Races were 50m, 100m, 200m, and 400m.  Lexi and I skipped this meet because it was snowing, but Gavin went with Garry and had the time of his life.  Run, Gavin, run!  Zach and Tyler enjoyed the faster pace of this meet.  Tyler ran the 50m and 200m, while Zach ran the 100m and 400m.

Third meet: May 9.  This meet's format was the same as the first week, but this time Tyler chose the 800m race and Zach ran the mile.  The weather was glorious all day, but just before race time some crazy wind blew in.  Wow!  I thought we would blow away.  As usual, the boys did well.  Tyler was especially motivated on the stretches when he could hear us cheering and calling his name.  His 800m time was 4:26.  Zachary kept a pretty steady pace during his four laps and had a great kick at the end, finishing a mile in 8:24.  I'm proud of my boys!

This morning Tyler and Zach both ran last night's race distances on the treadmill.  I'd be a happy mama if they developed a long-term love of running!
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