Apr 22, 2011

Baby girl update

I got another peek at our little miss today.  She was swimming around, even enough for me to feel!  I'm so happy that I can finally feel her kicking me.

At my last appointment the doctor was somewhat concerned about Baby's growth (she's measuring a few days behind...always has), but today's ultrasound confirmed that she is growing consistently.  Her measurements put her in the 14th percentile, but that doesn't mean she is sick or that something is wrong.  She's just little.

At almost 22 weeks I'm not anxious to be in labor (I don't even feel well yet!!), but my body is acting strangely for this point in pregnancy and I needed reassurance.  So today the doctor confirmed that my cervix is behaving, which is excellent news.  Sorry if that's too much information for you all, but I was quite relieved to get this information today.  I will probably have ultrasounds every two weeks to track Baby's growth and my own progress.  I don't want pre-term labor and bed rest again.

I'm so grateful to have a doctor who is listening to me.  This is my 7th OB in ten years, and I have grown to appreciate a doctor who relies on MY experience and instincts.  It's not an uphill battle to simply be heard!  This difficult pregnancy has been easier to bear with a doctor (and medical staff) who listens and acts appropriately for the circumstances.

We also verified that Baby is indeed a girl.  The ultrasound tech said, "No doubt about it!"  I like the absence of doubt.  The baby will no doubt hate me one day for posting the picture that removed all doubt, but here it is.

On another humorous note, I have been coaching the Littles to start calling their sister Baby Sarah.  Yesterday our conversation went like this:

Gavin: Mommy, I don't want you to leave!  Give me a hug.

Mom: Hey, your head is just the height of my tummy.  Who's in there?

Gavin: Baby Sister.

Mom: Say, "Baby Sarah!"

Dad: Say, "Baby Shiloh!"

Gavin: No!  Her name is Random Citizen!

[Much laughter]

Gavin: Lexi, say, "Random Citizen."

Lexi: Ranna Sissen.

Mom [Closing the door to leave]: It's Baby Sarah...
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