Jul 15, 2011

Life plans

Tyler ran upstairs this morning and flagged me down with a question:

"Mom!  If Zach and I earn enough money, can we buy a dog?"

Oh boy.

This is an old and tired conversation at our house, and it always ends up the same way, with Zach and Tyler crying on the floor, ranting about what a terrible mother I am.  It actually makes me laugh.  Zach was especially passionate today, perhaps because he felt that his offers of financial contribution would finally tip the scales in his favor.  Sadly, he was mistaken.  One day he'll realize that his mother is rather passionate, too.

So Zach is developing a life plan for the day he his finally emancipated from his terrible existence in the Bartle household.  When he grows up and moves out, he plans to throw off his chains and do radical things like stay up all night, eat white bread and no vegetables, wear a Mowhawk, drive a motorcycle, and own lots of pets, including three big dogs, two cats, a rat, and a snake.

May he have a patient wife.


Lexi has plans of her own, like being a Big Girl far before I am ready.  Last night a woman in our ward posted on our Relief Society email list that she was giving away a toddler bed.  I was the first to call and inquire, so we got the bed!  Lexi has been sleeping in her crib until now, but we converted it to a day bed a few months ago.  The switch to the toddler bed isn't drastic, but Lexi is beyond thrilled.  I'm glad that I bought matching sheets a while back.  It is fun to have the bedroom set up for two little girls, even if I am not ready for them to share.  Perhaps Baby will be a better sleeper than her siblings, and the girls will be together sooner than I expect.


With absolutely no preparation, I had this conversation with Gavin today.

Heidi: Gavin, what are you going to do when you grow up?
Gavin: Not poop in my underwear. That's what I'm going to do.
Heidi: What else?
Gavin: Hm. Not draw on the wall.
Heidi: What fun things will you do?
Gavin: I will play with Dad.
Heidi: When you grow up to be a man, you will play with Dad?
Gavin: Yes!
Heidi: He will like that!
Gavin: {Nodding}  And that's it.  Just those things.


In his journal today, Tyler wrote about his career aspirations.  He has been pretty consistent for about three years.

"When I grow up I will be a volcanoligist.  And study volcanos.  I will study the volcano in Hawii that you can sleep in, first."
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