Oct 31, 2010

A tribute to the Onesie

Dear inventors of Onesies,

Your genius product used to be a staple at my house. Zach and Tyler wore Onesies every day of their lives until potty training interfered. Mostly I loved the layered look, but the added warmth a tiny t-shirt provided in cold weather was a nice bonus.

Gavin didn't wear Onesies as much because I wanted to cut down laundry, and with the arrival of a fourth child, eliminating dirty clothing was a high priority. Plus, dressing the infant needed to happen as quickly as possible. The extra layer took too much time.

My love affair with Onesies for Lexi began this summer, when she wore one every night of our hot, hot, hot stay in Arizona. When we returned to a more temperate climate, the Onesies sat quietly in the drawer -- until this week.

Lexi Godiva is always at work. I find her naked in the crib, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, and outdoors. She has a fascination with the potty (but the inability to actually use it) and a strong distaste for diapers (but the inability to live without them). The contents of the diapers she removes often gets spread in unsavory places. These facts are conspiring against a modest state of dress, to say nothing of plummeting Fall temperatures or the cleanliness of my home and Lexi's body.

Enter the Onesie.

To date, Lexi has been unable to manage clothing snaps on her own. She can yank apart just about everything else, but the location and reliability of Onesie snaps frustrate her little fingers. And so it goes that Lexi now wears a Onesie on a daily basis. As with many other facets of my life, containment is the only option.

Bless you for your ingenuity.

With all the respect and honor I can muster,

A loyal fan
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