Oct 15, 2010

Park trip

Since the kids are out of school and the weather is fabulous today, I thought it would be fun to spend some time at the park. I connected with a friend online and we planned to meet at a nearby green space at 10:00. The plan was simple enough. The kids seemed thrilled at the prospect.

I set about getting all of us ready for the day. The grumpy eight-year-old didn't want breakfast. The grumpy two-year-old didn't want to use the potty or remove his pajamas. The six-year-old and one-year-old were cooperative enough. Eventually I showered, readied Lexi for an outing, and collected water, snacks, my keys, and the camera.

Off we went.

Well, except we didn't. At 9:55 we were in the van, seatbelts buckled. I moved to put my keys in the ignition and they weren't in my hand...or my pocket or my purse...or anywhere.

{Insert 20 minutes of frantic searching, kids crying, Mom crying, a heartfelt prayer, some annoyed texts, and general madness.}

I found the keys in the van, between Gavin's car seat and the van door. I had checked that spot on Lexi's side 10 times but didn't think about Gavin's side for some reason.

Finally, at 10:20, we arrived at the park. Gavin was still wearing pajamas - a white t-shirt streaked with orange slobber from a mellowcreme pumpkin potty treat, plus red and white shark-printed pajama pants and red and yellow rubber boots. The rest of us looked more respectable. I greeted Kristi under the pavilion and we enjoyed three glorious minutes of grown-up conversation. Just as Kristi introduced the topic of last night's terrific Relief Society meeting, Tyler announced he needed to use the bathroom.

Since the park didn't have a bathroom, I suggested one of the trees. Tyler couldn't use a tree. Hm.

So I called Annie, the only person I know who lives in that neighborhood, and she didn't answer the phone. Hm.

Kristi graciously agreed to keep Gavin and Zach at the park while I shuttled Tyler and Lexi home. Just as I pulled into my driveway, Kristi texted: "Gavin says he has to go potty, but doesn't want me to help. Do you have a change of clothes for him just in case?"

Great. So I grabbed some clothes. Lexi fell asleep while I was in the house. Annie called on my way back to the park. She was home the whole time...

Back at the park, I woke Lexi and encouraged her to play. Gavin ran up to the van and promptly peed on the front tire.

Lexi and the boys then feasted on bananas, Ritz crackers, cheese sticks, and water. They made a glorious mess with crumbs and mush and wrappers. Kristi and I talked as much as the mayhem allowed.

Zachary started begging to go home. He was bored and hot and entirely unimpressed with all of the little kids. I told him to wait. Eventually he took a tennis ball and racket over to the fenced-in basketball court. Everyone followed. Kristi and I watched them from a distance.

Suddenly I noticed Gavin pulling down his pants. Apparently it was potty time. To my horror, however, Gavin didn't need a tree...he needed a potty. He pooped right on the grass and then pulled up his pants. Kristi handed me some baby wipes and I ran to the scene of the crime. I cleaned Gavin up the best I could, then collected his...stuff...and threw it away.

That was the end of the fun for this mommy. I collected the children and their belongings and took them home.

I wonder what I'll say next time kids want to go to the park.
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