Oct 26, 2010

Tyler: Star of the Week

Tyler is the Star of the Week in his first grade class. He decorated this poster to display in his classroom. This week will be full of special privileges and spotlights for our sweet boy. What fun for him!

His teacher asked that we write a letter highlighting the things that make Tyler "exceptional." Here is the letter we sent to his class:

To the students of Mrs. C’s class:

We think Tyler is a terrific kid! He is a wonderful part of our family. Tyler has two brothers and one sister. He is the second oldest.

Tyler is interested in many things. He likes to learn and to figure out how things work. He loves doing science experiments, reading books, and exploring nature. Tyler likes to learn about space and volcanoes. When he turned six he got a model volcano for his birthday. He built the volcano, painted it perfectly, and then made the volcano erupt again and again and again!

Tyler also loves music. He has always had rhythm and enjoys dancing and performing. He isn’t afraid to be on stage in front of other people. Just like his Dad, Tyler likes to tap a rhythm with his hands or feet wherever he is. On Monday afternoons he takes a music class, where he is learning about instruments and musical patterns. Tyler enjoys singing and wants to learn to play the piano – and many other instruments!

At home, Tyler is our most compassionate, sensitive child. He has a tender heart and always tries to help his younger siblings. He is a great helper for his mom and usually does his chores (like doing the dishes, sorting the laundry, vacuuming, and cleaning his room) with a smile. Sometimes he even helps his older brother do his chores! He often asks, “How can I help?” We sure love his happy, calm attitude.

Tyler likes to ride his bike, climb trees, play in the park, play board games and video games, and spend time with his friends. He is artistic and loves to color and draw.

We sure love our Ty Guy! We hope you do, too.


Tyler’s Mom and Dad

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