Oct 26, 2010

Dinner conversation

I have been working hard to make dinner a more pleasant experience. As mentioned previously, the food part isn't always successful, but we are working on a formula for dinner conversation that I really love! For the last few weeks, everyone has shared two things over dinner: the best part of the day and the worst part of the day. I am finding that these are excellent conversation starters. We are all talking a lot more about the things that happen to us -- and the things that matter to us.

Last night for Family Home Evening, I shared this excellent talk by Thomas S. Monson, the prophet and president of our church. I included a story from his biography, which I started this week and can't put down. It's a treasure! Our lesson ended with a challenge: Look for ways to serve others (and act on them!) every day. We will all be accountable at the dinner table each night.

Here is a snapshot of our dinner conversation tonight:

Best part of the day: Class earned four stars for good behavior during art class, which means a prize next time they meet.
Worst part of the day: Not getting to go to Seth's house to play.
Act of service: Helping Tyler build a crane with Legos.

Best part of the day: Dinner (chicken bakes from Costco - his favorite).
Worst part of the day: Falling off the bars during recess.
Act of service: ?

Best part of the day: Jumping on the indoor trampoline at Savannah's house.
Worst part of the day: Having time-out in his room.
Act of service: Playing nicely with Lexi.

Best part of the day: Playing with kids at playgroup.
Worst part of the day: Working on two eye teeth.
Act of service: Making everyone laugh at dinner.

Best part of the day: Chatting with friends at playgroup.
Worst part of the day: A fender bender in the Goodwill parking lot. (Everyone is fine.)
Act of service: Making Halloween costumes.

Best part of the day: All but two pieces of a report at work are functioning properly.
Worst part of the day: Hearing about Heidi's fender bender.
Act of service: Putting all of the kids to bed! (This happened after dinner, of course.)


It will probably take a while to get in the groove of our new service routine, but I am looking forward to all of the happy conversations it will spark.
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