Oct 9, 2010


Yesterday had lots of memorable {little} moments, so I decided to post them for posterity.
  • Lexi woke up at 6:00. Her little piggies were freezing and she was crying for Daddy, so I brought her back to bed, warmed her toes, and the three of us slept for another hour.
  • It was 39 degrees outside when we got up for good.
  • I couldn't find the invitation for a birthday party and assumed it fell between the fridge and the counter, so I pulled the fridge out. No invitation, but ewwww....! Vacuuming and mopping commenced. This is when I knew the day would be entertaining, so I began taking pictures.
  • Garry moved our full/heavy water storage barrels to clear a path for the Dish Network guy, who was scheduled to come between 8 and 12 that morning.
  • We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
  • Chris showed up at 8:05. After three hours, we were proud (embarrassed?) owners of satellite service for all three televisions, which means Gavin will no longer have the privilege of ransacking my bedroom while he watches cartoons.
  • We took the kids out to try and capture a picture of them together. They were such stinkers at our last photo shoot! And...they were stinkers this time, too. Gavin and Lexi earned a D- for congeniality and cooperation.
{Insert non-existent picture of four adorable children wearing coordinating clothing and happy smiles. CHEESE!}
  • After pictures in the park, we all went to Target. We moseyed and meandered before buying Icees at the food court. When we finally sat down with our treats, I accidentally spilled Lexi's all over the floor. Then I cleaned it up. Then I realized Zach needed to be at his football game in 45 minutes.
  • We zoomed home.
  • Garry and Zach set out for the game. I didn't ask if they were late. Zach's team, the Rams, won 31-0.
  • Tyler attended a birthday party at 2:00.
  • Lexi and Gavin napped poorly. My eyelids drooped for the rest of the day.
  • Gavin refused to go potty after his nap and then peed on the kitchen floor.
  • The kids and I cuddled in blankets on the couch and watched a lot of Diego. Lexi also showed off her talents of disrobing and climbing...all in one!
  • At one point I started unpicking Lexi's poorly made (by me) window curtain, but that didn't get very far because I couldn't find my seam ripper.
  • Zach got home in time for the last 30 minutes of the birthday party across the street.
  • We all spent a while picking up apples in the backyard. Garry used a rake to get the last of the fruit out of the trees, and everyone else filled the buckets. This activity was met with varying degrees of enthusiasm and cooperation. Most of us were wearing jackets by the end; the weather was a little chilly! Fall has arrived.

  • I picked up dinner at Panda Express. I loved my fortune!
  • Garry handled dishes and baths while I went out again to buy an apple pie.
  • We had planned a movie night with the boys, but Tyler fell asleep on the chair. Zach watched an episode of Life and then retired.
  • Garry fiddled with the new satellite system for a while.
  • I tucked in early, read through my Relief Society lesson for Sunday, and checked out by 10:30.
The day's events might not be riveting in the retelling, but this is our real life! It's a good one!
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