Oct 11, 2010

Candid camera

This afternoon while Gavin was still sleeping, Lexi and I were playing in her room. She was being so adorable that I pulled out the camera. I captured some fun moments with my favorite girl. That sparked an idea for Family Home Evening tonight. I did "interviews" with each of the kids and also had them fill out surveys about current favorites and activities. The spiritual message I prepared fell flat, but we had a fun evening together. The results will be a keepsake for years to come!

Click on the surveys (and illustrations) to enlarge for detail. They are pretty funny!


Illustration: Garry and I were cracking up that Lexi's hand print looks a lot like the Star Trek salute.


Illustration: I think it's pretty indicative of Gavin's personality: bold and frenetic.


Illustration: Tyler hears the school bell and calls for Zach. Then he realizes Zach didn't come to school because he is sick. (That happened today.)


Illustration: A boy watching a cat meet its demise beneath a moving car. The thought bubble says, "MEOW!" Luckily the carnage is in a different frame.

Garry & Heidi

So there you have it: our family today!
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