Oct 19, 2010

Birthday boy

Zachary turned nine today. As his birth minute (7:52 a.m.) ticked by, I took his face in my hands and fondly remembered the moment he arrived in this world, all pink and perfect. I can't quite comprehend where all the years have gone, but gone they have. Nine years! Wow!

It wouldn't have been a true celebration of Zach's life if we hadn't gathered at the kitchen table to open presents before the crack of dawn. That kid loves to wake up early! He was thrilled with the outpouring of generosity from his far-flung relatives that love him so much (not to mention the family that lives in this house). After the last bit of wrapping paper fell, he declared that his "top three" presents were a watch, a bicycle, and a skateboard. He also received Sudoku books, a basketball, the last three books in the Percy Jackson series, a framed shark poster, and mini Tech Deck skateboards.

Zach and Tyler rode their bikes to school with Garry trailing along in the car. They have to cross a busy street and are just too young to navigate it themselves. Zach was thrilled to test drive his new bike, and Tyler got to ride the bike he inherited from Zach this morning. Good times.

I hired a babysitter so I could deliver cupcakes to Zach's third grade class this afternoon. It was fun for me to see Zach in his classroom during school hours. Mrs. Ferris and the kids loved their mini hamburgers! Zach said later that this was the highlight of his day. (See the inspiration for the fun cupcakes here.)

The boys rode home from school, too, and then played outside in the gorgeous Fall weather.

Then Zach attended football practice and Cub Scout pack meeting. The scouts and their families sang a rousing birthday song:

We will have Zachary's official birthday dinner tomorrow night, when no one has evening obligations. He has requested pesto pasta for dinner. We will also feast on this cake (baked in my lovely new oven).

Zachary is intelligent and energetic, athletic and coordinated. He believes in speed and efficiency in all things. His spirited personality and brilliant mind have limitless potential. I can't wait to see how his nine-year-old obsessions with video games, Bakugan, Tech Decks, Crazy Bones, football, and paper airplanes develop into lifelong passions and pursuits.

Happy birthday, Zachary! And many more....
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