Oct 6, 2010

A letter to my eye

Dear right eye,

I depend on you a lot for vision. I am very glad I have you. But would you please stop hurting so much? I'm getting tired of the pain that radiates through my face and the pressure that makes me think you are going to pop out of socket.

I'm sure you didn't appreciate the numbing drops or the dilating drops when I took you to the ophthalmologist today, but isn't modern medicine cool? I'm thinking you wouldn't have liked that pressure check today without being numb. However, I am not quite certain the doctor really grasped how much you hurt, because she told me the contacts made you do it. I don't believe her.

But check out those pupils! Wow! They are seriously huge today.

I can understand (for now) why reading is hard and light makes you sensitive. The headache is back, but this time I'm thinking it's not your fault. Once the baby stops screaming in her crib, I'll shut you tight and we'll take a nap.

Please get better.


The rest of my body

P.S. I'm really glad you don't have glaucoma.
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