Oct 30, 2010

Life skillz

Zachary's developmental benchmarks are always new territory for us. Hopefully he can handle his guinea pig status as we fumble around trying to figure out parenting at his stage. Right now an interesting issue we face together involves laundry. This issue has many facets: what he wears (or doesn't wear, or doesn't change), what gets (or doesn't get) into the dirty clothes hamper, and what gets (or doesn't get) into his drawers or on hangers.

My specific concerns surround the changing of socks and underwear and the putting away of clean laundry. One concern involves personal hygiene, which I realize is a personality thing that will evolve with time. We are trying to teach correct principles and hoping for the best! But the other concern just frustrates me!

Last week I noticed that Zachary had a pile of clean shirts on the floor of his closet. He had obviously tried on several shirts before selecting the perfect one for school. I told Zach I expected him to re-hang the shirts, and that they had better NOT end up in the dirty clothes hamper. Two hours later, what did I find? A pile of clean shirts squished in the hamper. ARGH!

This is how Zach arrived at doing his own laundry for a month. I don't think he believed me when I informed him of the consequence, but on Thursday he realized I was serious. I spent the day washing and folding six loads of laundry...none of which belonged to him. Today, since it has been ten days since I cleaned any of his clothes, Garry helped Zachary sort his laundry to wash. He had three loads to do today, and he was not happy about it.

But at the end of the day, I had to laugh. The boy who can't seem to pick up his clothes or hang his church pants properly or change his socks organized his shirts by color.

That's my boy.
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