Oct 5, 2010

Let the record show...

....that Gavin had a fantastic day on Monday.

He avoided lots of normal problem behaviors, and also:
  • stayed IN the cart at Target for 30 minutes
  • earned a park outing
  • maintained "clean and dry" status all day long
  • initiated nap time and slept for almost three hours
  • behaved well while we waited during Tyler's music class
  • participated in mostly acceptable fashion during the family portion of Tyler's music class, including the good-bye song
  • said, "Actually, I'd love to" when I asked if he'd like to listen to a story
  • drew a lovely picture during Family Home Evening
Taking a ride on "the spinny fing" at our neighborhood park.

Taking a lovely nap, accompanied by Stanley the bear.

"a guy wif crazy teef"

Most of the time Gavin puts the crazy in my days, so I especially appreciate the not-so-crazy times. Ahhhhh.......
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