Oct 26, 2010

pajama time

Tonight while Garry and the big boys were doing the dishes, I got the Littles ready for bed. We ended up in Lexi's room, looking at books. Taking advantage of a rare moment of calm, I read about a dozen stories to a captive audience. One of Lexi's favorites is "Pajama Time" by Sandra Boynton, which was perfect for the occasion.

I had to chuckle that Gavin was reciting "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" to himself as he flipped through a Book of Mormon Stories board book.

Lexi explored book after book as I read aloud. She pointed to Grover in her lap as I read "Jessie Bear, What Will You Wear?" and Oscar Otter as I read "Sheep in a Jeep." I wish she would cuddle on my lap so that would could enjoy books together, but she is much too independent for such things.

Such happy, content moments are few and far between with these munchkins. I'm glad we enjoyed this pocket of time tonight.

Bedtime was pretty precious, too.
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