Oct 11, 2010

Sew Many Mamas

Last week I found a cute little crafty blog called Sew Many Mamas. I entered a giveaway {and didn't win} but have checked back occasionally to see what adorable things these mamas are crafting for their kids.

I hardly craft at all (although Lexi's curtains, my latest project, are sitting in an un-picked mess on my sewing machine right now), but for some reason the Mamas That Be chose to spotlight me as part of their recurring Meet-a-Mama Monday feature.

So...head on over to check it out! Just click here or on the button below.

button 3

Then come on back to tell me that you did....because that would be fun. I installed a little visitor counter widget last week, and despite the stats that tell me this blog gets a few hundred hits a day, I am sadly lacking in comments. :)
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