Oct 5, 2010

Lexi Godiva

The little girl at our house has a new skill: taking off her clothes. She strips ALL the time, no matter how many layers or what type of clothing she is wearing. I often find her naked in the crib after she has been sleeping. Sometimes I stand at the sink and turn around to find her completely without apparel. It is totally exasperating. I feel like I dress Lexi 12 times a day.

One instance yesterday brought to mind a passage from my own baby book. Today I looked it up. Penned in my mother's handwriting were these gems:

At 18 months: "Your latest trick is undressing yourself -- hope that phase soon ends!"

At 22 months: "You have enjoyed playing outside and you get absolutely filthy. You hate to be dirty and if your coat or shirt or pants or shoes or ANYTHING gets dirty, you take it off, regardless of the temperature or modesty. Ha!"

And then, the following story, written when I had just turned two:

"Early in the summer I took you with me to the nursery to buy some plants. You were sitting on the edge of the little sidewalk playing with some rocks, so I left you for about two minutes to go pay for the plants. When I came back to get you, you had
stripped completely. All you had on was the barette in your hair. It seems kind of funny now but I was livid at the time. You can do the craziest things!"

I believe it was my Uncle Jeff who coined my childhood nickname when I was running around naked at the beach. For years he called me Heidi Godiva, after Lady Godiva, the English noblewoman who rode naked through the streets of Coventry. Of all the traits to pass on to my daughter....
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