Aug 6, 2011

Summer rain shower

After nap time today I rounded up the kids and said, "Hey!  Let's walk to the park!"  They were thrilled, and within ten minutes a few scooters and a wagon were rolling toward the little "hidden" park in our neighborhood.  We have only been there a couple of times this summer, so its enchantments were a nice change of pace.  When we arrived, the kids quickly scattered and I settled into my lawn chair.

We had been there about 15 minutes when the clouds darkened and a light, drizzling rain began.  The kids were undaunted, and my Oregonian blood shrugged off a little rain pretty easily.  After another 10 minutes I did move my chair under a tree, but the kids were happy to climb and swing and slide in the rain, so we stayed.

But then the clouds unleashed a deluge.  The kids and I decided at the same moment that it was time to go.  Tyler took off on his scooter, and Gavin followed on foot.  It took me a minute to get Lexi and my chair in the wagon -- and then I realized we didn't have Gavin's basketball.  Zach and I looked for it frantically in the downpour.  Then I sent him on to chase Gavin.  We were only a couple of blocks from home, but the thought of Gavin alone always makes me panic.

After a few more minutes, I gave up on the ball and began towing Lexi home.  I rigged my chair upside down in the wagon to provide Lexi with a little shelter from the rain.  Her tiny frame was shivering.  We were both completely soaked at that point, and I couldn't move very quickly!  When we pulled through the back gate, I was pleased to see the boys huddled together on the porch (no one got lost!), and surprised to find Garry handing out towels in the doorway.  He had just arrived home from work, so he took the chance to snap our picture.

Everyone dried off and then took showers and baths.  We picked up take-out for dinner, still laughing at our little park adventure.  It's good to have fun once in a while!  And then, just after the kids went to bed, a beautiful double rainbow appeared in the south sky.  It was a fitting end to a lovely summer evening.

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