Oct 1, 2011


Earlier this year I reconnected with a friend from my BYU freshman ward via Facebook. I don't recall being bosom buddies back in '96-'97, but I'd sure love to be Jill's neighbor now.  Too bad she lives across the country!  We both have houses full of rowdy kids and things don't always seem to go as planned.  Yesterday when my son's soccer jersey went missing, her son had to wear tennis shoes in the formal family portraits.  Life's just like that sometimes, and she helps me remember that I'm not alone in the chaos.

Jill is taking the month of October to "find joy in the journey," and I've decided to join her. I haven't decided on a format yet (maybe a little note at the end of my daily post, rather than a separate one?), but I'll share a bit of the joy I find in my days.  The new button on my blog will take you to Jill's, should you choose to follow her journey as well as mine. You're welcome to steal the button for Joy posts of your own, as well!  I think it would be great to create a network of joy-seeking friends!

Today, finding joy was easy because I tuned in to four hours of LDS General Conference. Although I loved all of the church leaders' messages, Elder Neil L. Andersen's message on motherhood really struck a chord.  His words were exactly what I needed to hear today. That was joy!  I also rejoiced with Saints all over the world as new temples were announced for Paris, France; Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo; Durban, South Africa; Baranquilla, Colombia; Star Valley, Wyoming; and Provo, Utah (the burned-out Tabernacle will be converted into a temple!  So cool!).  As I basked in the glow of the Holy Ghost, I remembered once again that faith and family are the things that bring me the greatest joy.

What joys did you have today?
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