Oct 9, 2011

Be still

It might be a Mormon cliche' to say, "My heart is full," but as I sit here contemplating my life, that is exactly how I feel.  Full.  There is such joy in happy family relationships, and knowing that temple blessings will keep us together through eternity makes our earthly association that much richer.

Today is Katelyn's blessing day.  It is what some religions would consider a christening. Under the hands of her father and by the authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood, she will receive a name and a blessing.  This is a tradition in which all of our babies have participated and is an event of special joy and rejoicing.  Perhaps that is why, on some of the darkest days of my pregnancy this year, I dreamed of Kate's blessing day.  I imagined the white dress, the company of loved ones, and the power of the priesthood.  The day of which I dreamed is finally here.

Right now the house is quiet.  At 7:09 a.m., everyone is still asleep, which is unusual for this family.  Everyone is exhausted from a super fun two days with grandparents, and there is more to come!  Normally I would feel a lot of stress related to a delayed start to the morning (church starts at 9:00), but I am holding on to the peace in my heart that is best felt in moments of stillness.  This is a joyous day, and I intend to bask in it.
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