Oct 9, 2011

Blessing photos

Kate's blessing day was fantastic.  Twelve hours after the fact, I am still reveling in the happy, peaceful spirit I felt this morning in the stillness.  I had a few frazzled moments before church as the inevitable plans-gone-awry times came, but ultimately the blessing was beautiful and that's all that counts.

I hope I always remember the tender sight of Garry, Gavin, and Lexi sharing their testimonies before the congregation.  Gavin and Lexi needed lots of help, of course, but seeing Garry coach them at the microphone warmed my mother heart.  I am so blessed to call that man and those children mine.

The rest of the day was warm and wonderful, too.  Being surrounded by our out-of-town family is a special treat, and I've been grateful this weekend to create fun memories with them in our home.  I hope to post about all of it soon, but for today I'll just include pictures of Kate in her blessing dress and commemorative photos of her big day.  What a darling!

Before church I snapped a few quick photos.  

Garry did, too.  I had to include the "I'm Number One!" shot.

We snagged a ward member after church to take these:

And one more of sweet baby Kate.  Oh, how we love her!


Today's joys:

*Pondering in the stillness this morning
*Reaching a happy milestone
*Hearing the words of Kate's blessing
*Watching my husband and children bear testimony
*Connecting with a friend
*Taking a three-hour nap
*Finding a camera we thought was lost
*Spending time with loved ones
*Playing "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?"
*Singing bedtime songs with Granny
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