Oct 2, 2011

Today's joys

I've had my eye out for the good things in life today.

*Eating Garry's traditional Conference crepes (which utterly delighted the kids)
*Watching Kate kick and stretch and gurgle and coo on my lap
*Seeing Zach and Tyler build snap circuits and create fuse bead figures together
*Watching Lexi feed her babies in the little high chair
*Attending choir practice for the first time in this ward (and being warmly welcomed)
*Listening to this girl giggle at the sight of not one, but two raggedy Betsy doggies

*Texting with my mom about fun and funny things
*Smelling roast in the crock pot and homemade rolls (ala Garry) in the oven
*"Practicing basketballing" with Gavin and hearing his enthusiasm over my mad skillz
*Feeling the Spirit while I listened to apostles of God speak to the world

Does this mean I had a perfect day?  Um, no.  But I'm trying to let the happy parts smooth over the rough parts.  Happy Sunday!
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