Oct 3, 2011

Kate the Great

Oh, how I adore this little girl!

Things I want to remember about this stage:

*The blue in her eyes popping out
*The dreaded baby zits marring her perfect complexion
*Nursing with her fists balled like she's ready for a fight
*Sleeping well at night, longest stretch always starting around 8:30 p.m.
*Growing out of newborn clothes  
*Playing dress-up every day
*Tentative and infrequent smiles
*Zach and Gavin being bolder in their offers to help and hold her (Zach is sweet and helpful; Gavin is tender but just scary)

A few photos of Miss Kate follow.

This is my favorite baby girl outfit, first modeled in a neutral pose (see the blue eyes?), then an angry pose.

Sleep is a photo-worthy event, as well.  I often check on Kate to find that her burrito wrap has crept up over her face.  She hasn't suffocated yet, but I do worry...

Lexi makes sure that Kate is protected and comforted by the best: Betsy.

I am always trying to capture a grin on camera.  The shots below show off Kate's left dimple.  It has a twin in her right cheek.  I wonder what Kate thinks about the camera flashing in her face.  I guess she'll get used to it.

Kate's blessing day is approaching!  Garry will give our darling daughter a name and a blessing in our ward next Sunday, October 9 at 9:00 a.m.  If you feel at all inclined to join us for this momentous occasion, please know you are most welcome!  We'll have some family in town to help us celebrate, too.


Today's joys:

*Remembering it was our day to provide the preschool snack in the absence of a calendar
*Getting a clean bill of health from my OB -- that trial is officially over!
*Realizing that Kate slept seven consecutive hours overnight (from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.)
*Taking a seriously deep-sleeping nap
*Downloading music for a sacrament meeting piano duet I'm playing with a friend in two weeks
*Reviewing General Conference with the kids for FHE, which was a home run instead of the usual strike-out experience
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