Oct 10, 2011

Recipe for a fabulous weekend


1 sweet baby
4 awesome kids
2 happy parents
2 grandmas
2 grandpas
1 great-grandma
1 uncle
4 days


Decide that this is going to be a happy weekend no matter what.  Soak up every minute of togetherness.  Bask in the richness of family life and the gratitude you feel for your large family circle.

Shrug off plans disrupted by cold weather and bundle up for two soccer games.

Laugh when you wake up to snow on October 8.  Rummage through the snow gear so you can go out and play.

Be silly together.  Play games together.  Laugh as much as possible.

Make music.  And memories.  Lots of lovely memories!

Marvel at the wonder of new life.  Celebrate.

Visit a natural wonder in your city's back yard.

Most of all, love each other.   Enjoy each other.  And when it's over, look forward to the time you can be together again.
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