Oct 7, 2011

merrily we roll along...

I don't know about you, but whenever a big event is approaching, my life erupts into chaos.  Excited anticipation clashes with the to-do list and sparks fly.  This pattern is particularly evident when the upcoming event is spiritual in nature.  So I haven't been too surprised this week, as Kate's blessing day approaches, that life has been a little hard.  No one in this household (myself included!) has been the best version of themselves.

Today Garry's parents and grandmother arrived for the weekend.  Before they came I took a nap instead of mopping the floor.  (And we all survived.)  Happily, we have enjoyed our first afternoon and evening together, and I started to feel the joy that has been a little lacking for a couple of days.  A prime example was found at Tyler's soccer game.  Not only was Tyler a more engaged and enthusiastic player tonight, scoring his first goal of the season (!), Gavin was hilarious on the sidelines.  I haven't laughed so hard since...well, since Garry brought home a Broncos blanket the other night, but that's another story altogether.

As seen in the video below, Gavin spread out a blanket on the top of the little hill behind us.  Then he rolled himself into the blanket and down the hill, all wrapped up in a cocoon.  When he emerged from the blanket at the bottom of the hill the first time, his grin was huge!  He immediately exclaimed, "I'm doing THAT again!"  And so he did.  About 20 times in a row.  I laughed and laughed and laughed.  Based on our OT experience, I could clearly see that Gavin was feeding his sensory system exactly what it craved (smooshing and spinning) in a very fun way!

That joyous experience has helped me shake off some of my worries today and put them in the proper perspective.  I am even more excited for the weekend now, which surely holds more joy!

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