Oct 23, 2011

The everyday

October is always a busy month for us.  Between fall festivities, Zach's birthday, Halloween, and the inevitable school projects, we always have lots of event-type posts on the old blog.  That's fine and good, but some of the everyday stuff gets lost in the shuffle.  It's the everyday stuff I want to remember most!

For example, this image should be recorded in the annals in our family history:

Zach found his wall-washing chore rather unpleasant, so he spent a little while as a Storm Trooper.  Note: this did not help him accomplish the work more quickly.

And then there was the day that I actually captured some of Kate's fabulous smiles on camera!  Even better was the song and dance from Dad going on behind the camera.

Kate goes to sleep between 7:00 and 8:00 every night.  If she happens to fall asleep in our arms, she's almost impossible to wake.  One night when I laid her on the couch in order to fashion her nighttime burrito, this is what she did:

On Friday Garry and I used our remaining Groupon and took the Littles to the pumpkin patch again.  With an earlier start, smaller crowds, and a much more advantageous adult:child ratio, we had a great time!

Lexi got a new hair-do the other day.  It was completely darling until she tore it out.

Part of being identified with the TAG (Talented and Gifted) program at school is setting academic goals in line with the students' interests.  Both Zach and Tyler made goals to complete extra science projects this fall.  Zach built a terrarium and aquarium at home to mirror those he built at school.  Instead of giving his plants water every other day, he will give them milk.  It will be interesting to compare the results to his class project!

Tyler's class will do science fair projects in the spring.  Tyler is going to be the class prototype, doing his project this fall.  He will give weekly presentations (maybe on video!) to his class on the various steps required for a science fair project.  For a couple of weeks he has been reading science fair books and has finally picked a project.  He has begun researching his topic, as well.  He's doing a great job so far!  

Tonight Garry went home teaching at 7:00.  We finished dinner and Family Home Evening at 6:55, so I was left to run the bedtime routine alone.  The boys, in particular, were really wound up from an afternoon of silly play.  Sure enough, as I went about cleaning the kitchen, I heard giddy shrieks of laughter in the basement.  I went downstairs several times to turn off lights and tuck in giggling boys.  On about my fourth trip downstairs, I found all the lights on (again!) and Gavin jumping on his bed.  He was wearing Buzz Lightyear wings...and every single sock he owned.  His feet were giant.  I laughed and laughed and then took a picture.  Then I tucked the boys in again and went back upstairs.  Ten minutes later, at 8:25, the boys were at it again.  This time I found THREE boys with giant sock feet.  They were laughing hysterically.  Garry came home during this time and came downstairs to locate the source of laughter.  Then HE finally got the boys to go to sleep.

When they took off their socks, Garry found that Gavin was wearing 16 pairs; Zach, 12; and Tyler, 11.  Wow!  Those kids definitely made a memory tonight!

Today's joys:

*Remembering past Primary programs, including the way Zach used to hide under chairs, stand silently at the mic, and make a spectacle
*Singing my favorite hymn (#85) in Relief Society
*Giggling about huge sock feet instead of yelling
*Making a bowl of caramel popcorn just for myself
*Thinking about Mesa High's homecoming queen
*Feeling grateful for the people who really "get me"
*Finishing The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
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