Oct 4, 2011

The simple things

Wouldn't you love to be this carefree?  Wouldn't you love to be this delighted by simple things, like jumping on a trampoline scattered with M&Ms?  I am finding that my search for joy is simply an open recognition of my blessings.  Today I'm a step closer to Lexi's infectious enthusiasm for life.

I celebrated my Tuesday by:

Spending the morning in my pajamas.

Rejoicing that my dearest friend has reached her five-year anniversary of being brain-tumor-free.

Watching the golden leaves fall from the tree in my back yard.

Enjoying this video of a 62-years-married couple playing a piano duet.  

Loving this message about joy, peace, and courage.

Sharing some of my surplus with a faraway friend.

Dressing Kate in a rainbow of polka dots.

Teaching Gavin to read in 100 Easy Lessons (we're on lesson 4).

Finding awesome surprises in the mail.

Discovering that my children are all are cavity-free (way to be a big girl, Lex!).

Watching Tyler play soccer.


My next act of Joy recognition will be finding my pillow.  I keep thinking the exhaustion will ease, but I am sooooo tired tonight...
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