Oct 19, 2011

Double digits

Zachary is 10 years old today.  Wow!  What a milestone.  He is growing up to be a terrific kid.

First and foremost, he is growing.  For years I have said that he would pass me in height at age 10.  He's not quite there as he turns 10...but by the end of age 10 he might be taller.  He wears 12/14 shirts and pants.  Can you imagine Mr. Long-n-Lanky as a teenager?

Here's a comparison of our hands (first with Mom, then with Dad):

And our feet (he wears a men's 8.5; Garry wears a 12 and I wear an 8):

Over the last month or two, we have really noticed a mellowing trend in Zach's personality.  He is more happy and helpful and thoughtful.  He is slower to blow up.  He is calmer in the face of stress.  And he is much, much more talkative!  He has lots of questions about how things in real life work -- the van, a recipe, the weather -- and wants to share more about what's going on in his life.  Zach is quick to help with Kate.  It is wonderful to be able to count on his help when I need it.

Zach earned his Bear rank in the Cub Scout program back in May, but at his final pack meeting as a Bear last night, he earned four more silver arrow points for additional achievements.  Zach is excited to advance to the Webelos den next week.  He is a very eager Cub Scout.

In his free time, Zach has been devouring the Harry Potter book series.  He is currently reading book five.  He's also a big fan of Rick Riordan books, kids' encyclopedias, and books and TV shows about world records, weird science, nature, and random facts.  Zach hangs on to tiny bits of information really well and likes to regurgitate them at odd moments.

He also loves running around with the neighborhood kids, playing video games, and making paper airplanes.  A few weeks ago he hung this poster on his wall, which declares more of his interests:

This morning we woke up earlier than usual to celebrate Zach's 1-0 birthday before school.  Zach likes to think of himself as one of the adults, but I was pleased to see him dig into his presents with very boyish enthusiasm.  I'm glad that he was excited about the things that he really needed (Webelos gear and church clothes), as well as what he really wanted (a simple digital camera).  A pogo stick from Granny and Gramps, cash from Grandma and Grandpa, and a few fun things from his siblings made Zach's morning pretty awesome -- and that was all before 7:30 a.m.!

Dressed in the Sesame Street clothes he was elated to receive (straight from his wish list!), Zach went to school with a big grin.

When he gets home, he'll have a science-themed birthday party with a bunch of his buddies.  It's a big day for the birthday boy!


Today's joys:
*Remembering the day I became a mother
*Sending a VERY happy boy off to school
*Treadmill endorphins
*Anticipating a fun afternoon

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