Oct 26, 2011

One magical moment

I haven't showered yet today.
I didn't exercise.
I forgot it was our day for preschool snack.
I haven't made my bed.
I can't figure out why Kate is so sad.
I don't know what to make for dinner.
I can't find my favorite socks.
I am actively ignoring my dirty kitchen floor.

But in the middle of all I should have been doing but wouldn't/couldn't/didn't, I played in the snow with Lexi.  A few laps around the back yard on the sled and two tongues trying to catch snowflakes just might turn out to be the best part of my day.  I'm so glad I shared that with her.


Today's joys:

*Miss Alexis in the snow
*Garry reminding me about the snack
*Actually having a preschool-appropriate snack in the house
*Nap time
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