Oct 11, 2011


I'm too tired for a real post, but maybe tomorrow I'll download some funny pictures.  The conversation of the day that absolutely must be recorded is this:

Zachary: Where did Lexi get that huge shirt?

Heidi: That is actually a dress.

Zachary: Oh....

I guess we're still getting used to girls around here.


Today's joys:

*Remembering the FHE lesson Gavin gave last night, off the top of his head, on happy families
*Reacquainting myself with the treadmill 
*Holding a sleeping baby in my arms
*Seeing Gavin and Lexi play in the fall leaves
*Going to the very last game of the soccer season (woot!)
*Watching Garry leave, for the second night in a row, to give a priesthood blessing to a suffering ward member
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