Sep 4, 2011

True stories

Yesterday afternoon Garry went golfing with some guys in the ward.  It was a " best ball scramble" event, where four guys made a team and took turns on each hole.  Garry's team made par on every hole.  Then, on the last shot of a nine-hole course, Garry sunk a 20-foot put and got a birdie for his team.  As he was one of the last to play that round, most of the five teams were watching as he made his final shot.  What a hero!

Then he had to get a ride home because he locked his keys in his trunk.  Even knights in dirty old cars have to be rescued sometimes.

Tyler, ever the sensitive child, asked me today why my tummy was still so big even though Kate is on the outside now.  A thousand thoughts floated through my head, but I ended up making some remark about regaining my former shape over the next few months.

Tyler's response: "A few months?  I was hoping for next week."

Me too, buddy.  But thanks for the interim shot of self-esteem.

Betsy got a makeover yesterday.  It included adding stuffing and re-stitching an open seam.  She is significantly fluffier but really needs a bath...and apparently her own car seat.

Lexi has started saying prayers all by herself.  They are completely adorable.  She has taken to saying "...and bless Jesus to be nice."

Despite his assertion that he's the "slowest reader ever," Zachary devoured the first Harry Potter book in just a few days.

Kate has regained her birth weight and is a whopping 6 pounds, 9 ounces at two weeks old.  She eats every three hours, is learning to distinguish between day and night, tolerates bath time, and is our only child to avoid jaundice.

Gavin can write his name and color within the lines. 

As is customary at this house, we slept with the windows open last night.  The outdoor temperature this morning was a brisk 48 degrees.  So, for the first time in months, we aren't running fans.  The Littles also ate breakfast in their coats.

And I got a haircut.

True story.
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