Sep 17, 2011


If you take four kids miniature golfing by yourself for three hours on your day might be as fun as Garry.

If you take the same four kids out to dinner after taking them miniature golfing for three might be as generous as Garry.

If you fund such expeditions with Groupons, you might be as thrifty as Garry.

If you are the regular household grocery shopper, you might be as helpful as Garry.

If you camp overnight with four Very Excited Children and let your wife go home to sleep, you might be as adventurous as Garry.

If your DNA added rhythm and dance to your children's gene pool, you might have moves like Garry.

If you make sure everyone else has food before you do, you might be as thoughtful as Garry.

If your feet freeze all night because your kids soaked your extra socks (but you never complain), you might be as patient as Garry.

If you find fun things to do on the way home from camping, you might be as curious as Garry.

If you inspire people to display their personalities for the camera, you might be a photographer like Garry.

If you encourage your children to ask to sit on motorcycles even when they are really shy, you might be as supportive as Garry.

If you soothe prematurely-awakened children into blissful slumber, you might be as comforting as Garry.

If you do this twice in one afternoon, you might be as tired as Garry.

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