Sep 28, 2011

Point of clarification

Sometimes I post something here that is meant to be humorous but comes out whiny or negative.  Often I don't realize this until the consoling comments come (or don't come at all).  Yesterday, for example, was crazy and exhausting, but I actually thought it was a reasonably good day until about six p.m.  I just forgot to mention the good parts.  And I don't resent my family because of the mending they generate; a letter to them just subconsciously formed as sewing hassle #47 cropped up.  I think I just have too many words in my head and too few chances to release them, and the blog becomes a misplaced monologue about whatever is on my mind.

So please accept my apologies for being an annoying blogger.  In the spirit of accentuating the positive, I give you:

Darling Miss Kate at the soccer game.  She is such a sweet, content, beautiful, wonderful baby.

And little Lexi eating with a dinosaur.  She and I are good buddies every morning, and I love being home with my girls.

And Tyler playing the piano.  I'm having so much fun teaching my boys, watching them progress, and playing duets when they have mastered their pieces.

And Gavin asleep with a bear in a tent.  I'm so grateful for the blessings in his life that are helping him grow and change...but still take daily naps.

And Zach in the kitchen.  He really hates doing the dishes (and other chores), but has recently had a total transformation in his general attitude that makes him rather pleasant!  Hooray!

As I told a woman at preschool today (while she scraped her jaw off the floor after hearing I had five kids), family life is great.  It's busy and crazy, but pretty darn great.
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