Sep 10, 2011

Soccer Season: Tyler

Zachary and Tyler are playing city league soccer this fall. I have to constantly remind myself that I willingly registered the boys for the sport.  I happily paid the necessary fees and purchased the right equipment.  I agreed to the schedule despite knowing an infant would join our household the first week of the season.

Why?  (Why?  Why?)

My answer:  I want the boys to be glad they are part of a big family, and to know that big families still get to do fun things.  I don't want the boys to blame the baby (or me) for missing out on activities they enjoy.  I also know that running boys are happier boys, and that busy boys don't get into as much trouble.

The big BUT in the equation is that we have not yet figured out how to manage an evening routine that includes homework, soccer, dinner, happy Littles, a happy mama, and an appropriate bedtime for all.  We're working on it, but I'm mostly stumped.

Garry took lots of pictures at each of the boys' first games this week.  They may well be the only pictures we take this season.

Tyler liked playing the keeper/goalie position.

Sometimes it was a little boring, apparently.

Tyler enjoyed getting closer to the action, too.

The entire Bartle entourage attended Ty's first game.  Some were more engaged than others.  Bad attitudes were somewhat understandable since none of us had eaten dinner.  Garry and I spent a lot of time corralling the wandering Littles, who clearly didn't understand that standing mid-field was a problem.

And my favorite part: "Good game, good game, good game, good game...."

Tyler's team is the Frontier Rage.  It's a little weird to cheer, "Go Rage!"  Coach Christian suggested, "Go Green!" so that's what we cheer.

And, of course: "Go, Tyler!"
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