Sep 25, 2011

Saturday night at the gym

Zach and Tyler were incredible readers over the summer and earned prizes at the library in record time.  But I was a bad mom and we didn't spend the rest of the summer redeeming the coupons they had earned.  Sadly, lots of them expired without being used. A few weeks ago, Garry helped the boys sort through the remainder and make some plans.  And so Saturday night at the gym was born.

While Kate and I attended the General Relief Society Meeting (broadcast at the stake center), Garry took the four older kids to play at Stars National Gymnastics Village during open gym time.  They ran and jumped and climbed and hung and swung and spun....and got really wired and really tired.  What fun!

This morning they reported to me on their adventures.

Tyler said his favorite parts were either the rings or the white trampolines.  He was excited to "bounce ten feet in the air and land a front flip."

Zachary loved the foam pit, although there was a time that he and Gavin got buried and felt trapped, and that wasn't so fun.  Anything that keeps Zach moving is awesome. Anything that ties him down is not.

Lexi liked "playing in the blocks" the best.  She apparently had excellent balance on the beam and loved the long, bouncy trampolines.

Gavin's favorite thing was getting deep in the foam pit.  He said he "digged and digged and digged" and "there was a guy in the red shirt who helped dig and dig and dig and we found a mattress at the bottom and barely felt it."  Gavin liked jumping on "all the black trampolines," too.  Gavin's OT would have been happy to see him engaging in the heavy work that makes his body so happy.  

After a two-hour workout at the gym, Garry took the kids to a nearby restaurant for Italian gelato.  It was fun to try a new kind of treat, use another coupon, and end a happy outing in such a sweet way!

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