Sep 6, 2011

Fun with Dad

The kids were out of school today.  Did you miss the memo that the day after Labor Day is also a holiday?  Me too; I suspect the school district made it up.  Anyway, since I am technically trying to "lay low" and respect my body's healing process, Garry was left to make the kids' holiday one to remember.

So at noon, he and the kids rode bikes to a nearby elementary school for a picnic lunch and some outdoor fun.  It was a cool and blustery day, but the impending storm didn't materialize until evening and the kids had a blast on their little adventure.  While the commemorative photos are awesome, the videos are my favorite.

When the kids rode up to the house two hours later, Gavin and Lexi were grinning from ear to ear.  I asked them, "Did you know that you have the best daddy ever?"  From his seat in the bike trailer, Gavin immediately replied, "Yes!  I DO know that!"  Garry confirmed that Gavin had just said that very thing.  Smart kid!  I'm glad he's grateful.  It was a fun outing!
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