Sep 20, 2011

One month, baby!

Baby Kate is a month old!

Kate is such a sweet baby.  She is still very sleepy, but often has awake times around 8:00 a.m., 4:00 p.m., and 8:00 p.m.  She is sleeping better at night, usually going to sleep in her own bed and after each time she eats.  She is also usually willing to nap in bed when the Littles do at 1:00.  Kate eats every 2 1/2 to 3 hours around the clock.

This month Kate has had adventures like taking walks around the neighborhood, going shopping, visiting Gavin's preschool and his OT appointments, sitting on the sidelines of soccer games, and going to church.  She is remarkably good-natured about the frenetic pace of life at our house and doesn't mind riding in the car, but if we are sitting still somewhere (like my D&C class), she doesn't like being left in her car seat.  I certainly don't mind holding her!

Bath time is still stressful in Kate's world, so I try to make that experience as speedy as possible.  She isn't a fan of diaper changes, either.  Being cold and exposed just isn't comfortable!  Kate likes being close to me in the Baby Bjorn front pack but not in the Moby wrap.  She loves being swaddled and seems to sleep best with her arms wrapped tight.  She loves her pacifier.  (And I love that she loves her pacifier!)  She sleeps especially well when cuddled up next to Daddy.

We are so in love with our beautiful girl.  We love her soft skin and tiny fingers and toes.  We love her little grunts and silly facial expressions.  We love getting peeks at her dark eyes and glimpses of her adorable dimples.  Tyler thanks Heavenly Father for "sending us sweet baby Kate" every time he prays, and Gavin calls her his best friend.  Lexi and Zach are always anxious to hold her and attend to her needs.  Garry is so good to help in the middle of the night when Kate is full but still fussy.  I always enjoy the newborn stage with my children, but somehow a difficult pregnancy has helped me feel more joy in all of Kate's little milestones.

Garry bought a soft little bunny for Kate, hoping it could eventually become her lovey.  At the very least it will be her companion in her monthly growth photos (a tradition we started with Gavin).

It's hard to believe Kate has only been here for a month.  She has certainly crawled into our hearts forever.
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