Sep 30, 2011

Gavin: Right Now

Dearest Gavin, lover of bananas, Stanley, and all things are a wonder of energy and entertainment.  I want to bottle up your fun personality and save it forever.

This is a pretty happy time in your life.  Preschool has opened a world of possibilities for you, and each day you are eager to embrace them.  Ms. Rita tells me that your fine motor skills are blossoming, and during the writing workshop portion of the day you ask to write all kinds of letters and even request help spelling words.  You have come home with fun notes and drawings for Dad and me.  It is fun to see your creative side develop.  We are especially happy to see how well you can write your name now.

Thanks to "Word World" on TV (and that amazing brain of yours), you are sounding out words.  This is mostly in your head and not on paper.  You sat down at dinner this week, looked at your plate, and said, "I love grapes! G-r-a-p-s!"  You then proceeded to spell whatever three-letter word we threw at you.  You were thrilled to discover the pattern with rat, hat, sat, fat, etc.

You have completed a couple of school projects that are awesome self portraits.  I can see pieces of you in both of them.

I also love that you have earned special recognition at school through "bee notes."  It is so good to hear that you are befriending new classmates, following directions, and being a good example for your class!

Recently you adopted this little car and named it Pax.  Pax goes with you everywhere now--in your backpack, your pocket, or even in your sock--and you have little adventures together.  You love this orange guy!

This week for Family Home Evening, Tyler taught a lesson about mothers.  During one part of the lesson we talked about the work each family member performs.  When it was your turn to answer, you thought for a minute and said, " work could be....climbing small trees?"

Speaking of trees, you are fascinated with the changing fall leaves.  You want to collect a sample of each tree you see and "keep them forever and ever and ever."

Miss Dana decided that it was time for you to graduate from occupational therapy.  You are pretty sad that your sessions with her are over, but you have learned and grown so much in the last four months with Miss Dana's help!  Your work together has been so effective that Miss Rita has never seen your sensory issues manifest at preschool.  That's amazing!  OT has been a miracle in your life (and mine).  

A lot of blessings have come your way this year, little man!  I have loved watching you grow and flourish.
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