Sep 10, 2011

Soccer Season: Zach

Garry attended Zach's first soccer game alone, since the evening was quite cool and rainy. The dark skies prevented better photos (especially action shots), but I'm perfectly content with this sampling for now.

Zach plays for Cottonwood Fusion, a team of 4th grade/5th grade boys.  Teams at this stage play on a much larger field with full-size goals.  (They also play at a park that is 30 minutes away!)  Most of the players are clearly more experienced than Zach--he has played just one season of soccer, and that was three years ago--but he is doing well.  He really enjoys the keeper position and also plays right or left defender.

When I attended Zach's second game last night, I enjoyed watching a higher level of competitive play.  The teams were well-matched and the game was exciting.  I'm a bit surprised that Zach isn't a more aggressive athlete.  He has so much natural ability but is quite timid about getting in the thick of the action, no matter what sport he is playing.  He does seem to be enjoying the soccer season much more than he enjoyed football last year, though.  It will be interesting to see how his skills and interests progress as he gets older.

Meanwhile: Go Fusion!  Go Zach!
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