Sep 29, 2011

Fun run

Last night at dinner Zach shared his anxious anticipation for the school's annual fundraiser, the Fit 'n Fun Run, which is happening today and tomorrow.  As we discussed how many laps he might expect to run in the 20-minute period, Gavin wanted to know when HE could have a fun run.  He was quite disappointed to discover that preschool doesn't have fun runs, and he wouldn't even be able to watch his brothers participate in their own.  I suggested that maybe we could have a family fun run -- sometime.  (You know, that mystical "sometime" that never quite materializes?)

Gavin isn't one to let Mom off easy, so when Garry suggested a bath after dinner, Gavin screechingly reminded him of the family fun run that was to take place RIGHT NOW.  It was a night when we could be flexible (no soccer!), so the entire family laced up tennies and adjourned to the cul-de-sac.  As the self-appointed time-keeper, I set my phone for five minutes and everyone started running laps.  It was a sight to behold.

Tyler led the pack for several laps.  He was a blur (especially to my phone camera in fading light).

Zach was consistent and fast; he eventually overtook the lead.

Lexi tripped a few times, so Garry offered his assistance.

And Gavin was a running machine -- a machine that ran full blast or not at all, which was perfectly hilarious.  I laughed and laughed.

When the timer rang at the end of five minutes, Zach had run 10.5 laps; Tyler, 9; Gavin, 7; and Lexi, 5.  The family then ran a staggered race from the bottom of the cul-de-sac to Garry's car in the driveway.  With the staggered start, everyone arrived at just about the same time.  Watching Garry sprint with Lexi in his arms was awesome; he and Zach were neck-and-neck!  

But Gavin wasn't quite satisfied.  Through his screams we eventually figured out that he intended to complete 12 laps, so everyone else went inside and Gavin happily ran five more quick laps.  Then he was content to come inside and take a bath.  That boy sure knows how to put the FUN in fun run!
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