Sep 26, 2011

A San Francisco treat

Garry spent last week in San Francisco on a business trip.  From all the stories he told and all the pictures he downloaded upon his return, it seems the trip was more heavily weighted with fun than work!   I'm glad to have a little photo journey of his experiences, most of which were new to him and possibly one-time-only endeavors.

Part of Garry's trip was a boat cruise through the San Francisco Bay with his Credit Admin team.  Below are shots of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the San Francisco Bay Bridge, and the city at night.


There was also a bit of actual work involved.  Garry was happy to see some co-workers from Beaverton, Oregon (our home prior to Colorado Springs), and to meet some people he has worked with for years but never seen face to face.

Thomas, Garry's boss's boss and the week's host, is a "foodie," so every team gathering involves experiencing many kinds of cuisine.  Last week Garry had a homemade, authentic Korean meal at Thomas's home...

...a seafood spread...

...Chinese food...

...and raw oysters.  Although Garry had an adventurous week trying lots of new foods, the piece de resistance was sampling raw oysters for the first time.  It was such a novel event that Garry had a co-worker capture the event on video, which is priceless!

Ironically, the only food to upset Garry's stomach was the steak and potatoes he had at Claim Jumper on Thursday night!  Since his stomach was still bothering him in the wee hours of Friday morning, he went to the airport in hopes of catching an earlier flight home.  He couldn't change flights without a significant fee, however, so he settled in to wait.

When his flight was finally called, it was overbooked.  Garry volunteered to take a later flight in exchange for a $400 airline voucher.  He got home about 2.5 hours later than planned, but the cash in his pocket was worth the wait.  The kids and I were completely thrilled to see our long-lost Daddy, and his arrival could not have been better timed.  I spent Friday night in bed with a fever and Saturday with the stomach flu.  I'm so grateful for the return of his helping hands...and the rest of him, of course!
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