Sep 11, 2011

Going to church

The little miss and I joined the family for church today.  I usually hide out at home for several weeks after a baby comes, but this time around I was feeling pretty stir-crazy at home.  It felt good to go back and be part of the ward again, and Kate was pretty popular! So many ward members have been praying for her this year.  I'm not the only one who was glad to meet her.

I find it amusing that Kate looks so content in this commemorative photo.

As Garry snapped the shot before church, Lexi was jumping on the bed, Zach was storming about because he couldn't find his belt, and I was drying my hair.  Arriving at church in time to sit in the chapel (this is my goal every week, which is different than simply "being on time") gave us all time to take a breath and restore normal blood pressure before the opening prayer.

Perhaps this is why I laughed out loud when Tyler brought home a paper about prayer from his class.  It was divided into two sections: "I thank thee" and "I ask thee."  In the first section, Tyler wrote that he was thankful for food.  In the second, he wrote, "I ask thee that thee will bless my family to be more calm."  Nice!  We could definitely use that blessing, especially in the morning.  Getting seven people ready for church seems exponentially harder than six.

When I put Kate back in her car seat after church, I took the photo below with my cell phone.

I love her tiny dress that will only fit for a week or two.  I love the headband from Aunt Angie and the teeny tiny booties from Grandma Dent.  I love how much she looks like Lexi did.  The photo is also proof positive that we completed another milestone as a family of seven: going to church.  It feels kind of momentous.
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