Sep 17, 2011

clothing & textiles

One of the words I'd use to sum up my week is

Lots and lots of laundry.

In addition to the hum-drum, run-of-the-mill
washing and drying
(and there was oh-so-much of THAT),
I did lots of extra laundry
because of a semi-annual special project known as
The Great Fall Clothing Switch.

Actually, the process doesn't have a name,
but I went through boxes and boxes
(and boxes and boxes)
of clothes in the garage,
pulling some out and putting some in,
finding treasures
like a coat and shoes for Lexi
and putting away too-small things for three kids
and finding an entire fall/winter wardrobe for Gavin

and folding up maternity clothes
and searching for something for myself to wear
and trying to guess if Miss Kate
has seasonally appropriate clothing in the right size

So everything that had been in storage had to be washed.
And dried.
And folded.
And put away.
And some of it had to be ironed.

Then everything that had been piling up
on dressers and shelves and
in random corners of the house
found a home in a white cardboard box.
(Or a bag for Goodwill.)

Also under the laundry umbrella this week
was a remarkable achievement:
sewing badges to Zachary's scout shirt
that have been sitting on my desk since May.
(Note: the sewing machine is now
waiting in the dining room,
patiently but persistently reminding me
about the big pile of clothes that need mending.)

In the process of all of this
I happened to notice the shoes in my closet,
most of which I haven't worn in a year
(I basically went from winter slippers to summer flip-flops),
and loved what I saw so much that I took a picture.

I love that my favorite red shoes
(happily worn at Women's Conference)
are peeking out in a sea
of drab and boring and practical shoes.

On Saturday there was more laundry.
Camping laundry, specifically.
And I snuck Betsy in with the light load
because Lexi wasn't home
and somehow we forgot to send Betsy camping
so this was my chance!
Ah...she smells (and looks) a little better.

The crowning achievement
in the clothing and textiles category of my life
is always this:

(Catching up the ironing!)
This rack doesn't include the boys' church clothes,
which are neatly hanging in their closets.
I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief tonight.
But I'm really, really tired.

The next laundry items I'd like to touch
are pajamas and my down comforter.
But since the current time is 5:37 p.m.,
that wish probably won't come true.
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