Sep 12, 2011

The first day

Garry went back to work today, so I'm the Parent in Charge now.  I'd say it was my first day alone with five kids, but the school district had the boys in its clutches all morning (and then released them in waves), so I'm easing into my responsibilities rather slowly.

I've noticed that my mothering instincts are kicking in again (you know, since I've been largely off the grid since Christmas).  I have to laugh when a Mothering Life Lesson smacks me in the face.  Today there have been several.

*Life is an emotional roller coaster.  You can be pondering priorities and ideals one minute and be ready to hide under the covers the next.

*Parking close to a shopping cart return is better than parking close to the store.

*Small children will never want the number of chicken nuggets given them for lunch.  If you cook three a piece, they will each want (and eventually eat) six.  If you decide to skip a step and cook five for each kid, you will end up with ten headless dino nuggets on the kitchen floor.

*Just when you think you have a good handle on managing three children under four in a public place, all three will start screaming.  Hauling a thrashing two-year-old in one arm and an unwieldy car seat in the other will bring the humility rushing back.

*Babies cannot tell time, and will not automatically drop into blissful slumber just because you and the regimented small people in your house know it is nap time.

*Having a freezer full of meals isn't helpful at all if you never remember to take something out in time for it to thaw.

*Folding a load of laundry can take an entire day.

*Peanut M&Ms go a long way towards achieving short-term happiness.

*Sometimes giving up your own agenda and timeline is a significant contribution for the greater good.

*Fresh air and sunshine are good for everyone, even if it means dinner will be late.

*Staying up late to enjoy the peace and quiet is overrated.  Sleep is not.

P.S.  This is my 1,000th blog post!
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