Sep 22, 2011

the good news

I'm not gonna lie: this week has been h.a.r.d.  It is not good for this woman to be alone. Lucky for me (and the kids) single parenthood is not for real...or forever.  While Garry's absence has brought far more downs than ups to our crazy household, I have been compiling a mental list of the tender mercies that have kept us (well, mainly me) alive long enough to see him return.

*We have a "valet key," which means when I lose my keys right before the soccer game, we can still get where we need to go.

*The missing keys turned up under my pillow.  (Hm.....)

*Kate's missing sock turned up at preschool.

*The nice lady at preschool said she'd extend the return-your-class-pictures-order-form deadline to Monday just for me.

*OxyClean+water(minus scrubbing)=a stain-free shirt (this one, if you can believe it).

*A destined-for-Sainthood sister in our ward parked right by Tyler's soccer game and let Gavin and Lexi play in her 12-passenger van the entire time, even though she was trying to prepare her seminary lesson.

*Two ladies at Pack Meeting (directly after Ty's soccer game) helped with the Littles at very opportune moments.

*I discovered that it is possible to survive a three-day stretch without conversing with another adult.

*Kate slept for six hours the other night.  I only got three of those hours uninterrupted (thanks to the other children who woke me up during that time), but I am encouraged about the possibilities.

*A neighbor drove Zach and Ty home from school twice.

*I had a loaves-and-fishes space of time to mop the floor, which had not been cleaned since my mother left, and is now very dirty again.

*We had ice cream in the freezer on Tuesday night.  (We don't anymore.)

*When Zach froze the preschool snack that wasn't meant to be frozen, we actually had something else in the house that made a suitable substitute.

*Kate grew from 6 lbs. 9 oz. (at two weeks) to 7 lbs. 6.5 oz. (at a month and two days), crossing one item off my worry list.

Even though these blessings are amazing and I have enjoyed parking smack-dab in the middle of the garage this week, I really can't wait for Garry to come home.

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