Sep 6, 2011

Gavin the babysitter

This morning Gavin was so enamored with Kate that he held her for more than 30 seconds.  He was in a great mood (and so was she), so I buckled Kate into her bouncy chair and asked Gavin to "babysit" while I took a super quick shower.  I gave him three instructions:

(1)  If she cries, sing her a song.
(2)  If she needs something, go get Daddy.
(3)  Don't pick her up.

[Being a mother requires a lot of faith.]

I probably set a record for fastest shower by a mommy, and then immediately opened the bathroom door to check on Gavin and Kate.  They were both sitting in the same positions I had left them in, and they were staring happily into each others' eyes.  Gavin looked up and exclaimed, "She didn't even cry!  And she's looking at me!"  He seemed to own her happy state, which was just fine with me.  He also told me had to run and get a burp cloth while I was in the shower because "Baby Kate was spilling."

As I got ready for the day, Gavin started singing songs to his little sister just for fun.  His enthusiastic rendition of "Zip-a-dee Doo-dah" and the popular-but-tender "I am a Child of God" were completely charming.  I think Kate liked them, too.  

Surely she knows she's got a great big brother.
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