Jun 12, 2011

Letters to angels

Dear Angel to my left at Stake Conference,

You probably didn't need to sit by me today, but I really, really needed to sit by you.  Perhaps it's best that we hadn't met before, so you didn't know what a punishment it generally is to sit by my loud, unruly bunch at church every week.  You weren't aware of the emotional baggage I was carrying today, but you immediately eased my burden when you introduced yourself to Gavin and warmly shook his hand.  You seemed not to notice his sweatshirt, summer shorts, and cowboy boots.  Or maybe you did, and simply knew they were the remnants of a bad morning.  After all, his brothers, sisters, and I were dressed in a manner more appropriate for church.

The way you looked at Gavin brought tears to my eyes.  You were an immediate friend, and he knew it.  He was safe with you.  You put your arm around him, showed him your notebook of paper, and immediately started folding the pages into play things for him.  He was so quiet and absorbed and delighted with your work that it was OK for me to stand in the back with my screaming daughter.  I knew my older boys would be fine because you were there.

At the end of the meeting, when I slid over to thank you for the unbelievable miracle you had been in my life, you seemed surprised.  You actually apologized to me for being such a distraction.  You will never know the depth of my gratitude.  We almost didn't go to Stake Conference today.  I really didn't think we could handle it without our daddy.  Thank you so much for turning something hard into an opportunity for me to see my blessings.

I'll never forget you.


Gavin's mom


Dear Angel in front of me at Stake Conference,

You were the other half of my miracle today.  Maybe you heard my muttered apology for the mayhem ahead as my family sat down before the meeting began.  Maybe you didn't.  I certainly misjudged you and your  beautiful red wool suit, high heels, perfect hair, and quiet children.  When I was standing in the back of the gym with my screaming daughter for the third time, you quietly approached with a sticker book.  You asked if you could entertain Lexi for a while.  She immediately stopped her tantrum and followed you back to our chairs.

For the next 90 minutes you gave Lexi free reign of the fanciest sticker book I have ever seen.  She was completely delighted to cover page after page after page with those beautiful stickers.  When Gavin wanted to join the party, you willingly obliged, pulling up a separate chair and giving him his own pages.  The quiet, happy activity was a wonder to behold.  I couldn't believe what was happening.

While I was gathering our things at the end of the meeting, you quietly slipped out to your car.  When I realized you were gone I ran to find you.  You were pretty surprised to see me outside your car window, but I just had to thank you, in some small, awkward way, for your service.  Since you live in Utah we will probably never see each other again, but I hope that you are blessed for the way you helped me today.


Lexi's mom
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