Jun 6, 2011

Nickname: Gorgeous Girl

This morning Lexi greeted Gavin by saying, "Hey, handsome fella."  Gavin smiled and said, "Hey, gorgeous girl."  Garry coined these darling nicknames, which are especially fun when coming from small mouths!

Since Lexi's birthday photo session flopped, I've been itching to take better ones to record her two-year mark.  This morning I tried again, this time outside.  Two-year-olds aren't the most cooperative of subjects (at least not the ones in my gene pool), but I'm pleased with a few of the candids.  The vibrant colors are very indicative of Lexi's fun personality, too!  She's definitely the gorgeous girl in our house.  Now I just have to decide which photo to hang on the wall, and which to use as the cover of her next memory book.  Thoughts?

Last night wasn't quite so cute and happy.  Our little lady is getting another set of molars and seems pretty uncomfortable, especially in the evening.  Last night Lexi really, really, really needed her mommy.  I was feeling rather lousy myself, so we cuddled in my bed for a while.  Even though Lexi is a half-pint, I couldn't believe how long and lanky she seemed when cradled against my growing belly.

When it was time for her to go down for the night, Lexi was hysterical about being abandoned, so I laid down on the carpet next to her crib.  That silenced her screams almost immediately.  She fell asleep within five minutes while sucking on her hand. Sweet baby girl...

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