Jun 9, 2011


The boys enjoyed their after-school running club so much that I jumped on the chance for them to participate in a summer running camp.  It was super cheap (as camps go) and has exposed them to some really fun field events.  The camp runs this week and next and includes two track meets, the first of which was today.

Zach set his sights on four events: the 400 meter dash; the mini-javelin throw; the long jump; and the 50 meter hurdles.  He's an ambitious boy!  I love it when he is interested in trying new things.

He competed in hurdles first.  He cleared every one, which was his goal.  Many of the students used smaller, adjustable foam hurdles, but Zach is tall enough to use the high school hurdles on the lowest setting.  His time was 12:06 seconds.

The 400 meter race came later.  Zach had a nice kick at the end and finished in 1:30.

The long jump was next.  Out of three jumps, Zach's farthest distance was 8'11".  And yes, that is a pencil in his hand.  Nice.

Zachary's favorite event, and the one at which he was most successful, was the mini javelin.  He had great form and threw 66'6".  Way to go, buddy!

Tyler had a great day, too.  He set out to compete in long jump, hurdles, and the 100 meter dash.

There was some confusion about his group, so while Tyler was waiting in line for the long jump, he missed calls for the running events, which were happening on the other side of the track.  He was bummed about that, but really enjoyed the long jump!  Tyler steadily improved with each jump, and his longest jump was 7'1".

Gavin and Lexi had a great time hanging out with some friends on the sidelines, playing soccer, and exploring the field.

At the end of the meet, a group of kids who missed the 100 meter dash assembled on one side of the track for an informal race.  Even the siblings joined the group.  What fun!

And so ended another day at the track.  I was thrilled that my dad, who is visiting for a couple of days, was able to see his grandsons in action.
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