Jun 19, 2011

Remembering Spencer

On Tuesday, June 7, Garry learned that his cousin, Spencer Waite, had died suddenly in a tragic accident. Garry immediately made plans to attend the funeral in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although the funeral was a terribly sad occasion, it was wonderful for Garry to spend some time with his family at their home.  Zach and Tyler visited Logandale last summer, but the rest of us haven't been to Nevada since December 2008.

Garry arrived in Las Vegas on Friday around lunchtime.  He enjoyed a meal with his parents and sister (Heidi) at their favorite Mexican restaurant, Macayo.  That day he also got to visit with some high school friends who still live in his hometown of Logandale.

Spencer's funeral was held on Saturday in Las Vegas.  It was a wonderful celebration of Spencer's life and a beautiful reminder of the Plan of Salvation.  Spencer's death is certainly tragic, but it is tempered by the knowledge that he is part of an eternal family, that his spirit has been reunited with that of his father, Garry, who died 13 years ago this week, and that we will all see him again someday.

Garry deferred most of the picture-taking to his mom, who had a nice camera, but somehow that camera and all of the pictures from the funeral were lost.  The cell phone photos in this post aren't awesome or all-inclusive, but they are the best we've got.

This is Garry and his Aunt Paula, Spencer's mom.

Garry with Paula's son, Ryan, and Garry's Grandma Terry and sister, Heidi.

Spencer's brother, Oliver, and Grandma Terry.

Garry and his cousin, Julie Terry.

Garry with Spencer's brother, Mason (recently graduated from law school), his wife, Amanda, and their daughter, Claire.

Our hearts go out to Spencer's dear family and friends during this difficult time.  We love you!
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